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Comment on the Luminescence Studies Using Solid Datura innoxia Biomaterial

Volume 47, Number 11 (Nov. 1993) Page 1949-1950

Tanner, Peter A.

Three recent publications (labeled I-III hereafter) have been concerned with the luminescence behavior of the uranyl ion, UO2+2, adsorbed on the biomaterial Datura innoxia. This comment deals critically with three major concepts upon which the studies in I-III are based. It is argued that the interpretation of the electronic absorption and emission spectra of the uranyl ion in I-III is incorrect, and in addition that the rationale of the luminescence studies presented in I-III (i.e., that the 85 K emission spectra can be fitted to eight Lorentzian curves) has no theoretical basis. A suggestion is made for the appropriate experimental technique to be used to study UO2+2 -Datura.