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Al-27 NMR Without Probe Background

Volume 47, Number 11 (Nov. 1993) Page 1954-1956

Simeral, L.S.; Zens, T.; Finnegan, J.

Al-27 NMR is a useful tool in studying structural features of aluminum chemicals. However, Al-27 NMR is hindered by an Al-27 background from NMR probes. This background is a very broad, featureless Al-27 resonance with a chemical shift of about 50 ppm. It is often difficult to distinguish resonances of many aluminum species, which are themselves usually very broad, from the probe background. At least three literature references note the Al-27 probe background. Further, we have observed virtually identical probe backgrounds in standard 10-mm broad-band probes of all major vendors of NMR instruments. In this discussion we report elimination of the probe background through modification of a standard NMR probe.