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Experimental Determination of SO2, C2H2, and O2 UV Absorption Cross Sections at Elevated Temperatures and Pressures

Volume 51, Number 9 (Sept. 1997) Page 1311-1315

Vattulainen, J.; Wallenius, L.; Stenberg, J.; Hernberg, R.; Linna, V.

A heated and pressurized quartz cell with 150.5-mm pathlength was used to experimentally determine UV absorption spectra and further absorption cross sections of SO2, C2 H2, and O2 in the wavelength range between 200 and 400 nm. Spectra were recorded at room temperature, and at 600 and 800 C and at absolute pressures between 1 and 6 bar. A 30-W deuterium lamp was used as a light source, and the light was detected with a photomultiplier tube through a 0.4-m Czerny-Turner monochromator. Slit widths of the monochromator were adjusted to achieve a 5 A measurement bandwidth, and the scan through the wavelength range was made in 5 A steps. For each individual temperature and pressure level, a reference spectrum was first recorded with the cell filled with nitrogen. After this, the cell was filled with the selected species mixed with nitrogen, and the absorption spectra were recorded in similar conditions. The studied gas mixtures were calibrated to 3% accuracy.