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Laser-Based Solid-Matrix Fluorescence of Stereoisomeric Tetrols

Volume 47, Number 11 (Nov. 1993) Page 1892-1897

Shu, L.; Hurtubise, R.J.

A laser-based fluorescence measurement system was constructed and used to obtain solid-matrix fluorescence spectra from four stereoisomers. The four isomers were tetrols which are products from benzo(a)pyrene-DNA adducts. The laser-based system showed unique advantages in obtaining the fluorescence fine structure from the tetrols in comparison to non-laser-based commercial spectrofluorometers. A new gatewidth dependence method was developed with the laser system that can be used to characterize and identify the stereoisomers adsorbed on α-cyclodextrin/NaCl at room temperature. The basis of the new gatewidth method depends on different interactions of the analyte molecules with the solid matrix. The method developed has the potential for general analytical application for the identification and characterization of fluorescent stereoisomers and other fluorescent compounds.