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Raman Spectroscopic Study of Ba2-Surfactant Interactions in Aqueous Monodisperse Alkylpolyoxyethylene Surfactant Solutions

Volume 47, Number 11 (Nov. 1993) Page 1784-1787

Siew, Diana C.W.; Cooney, Ralph P.; Taylor, Michael J.

Aqueous monodisperse alkylpolyoxyethylene surfactant-Ba2+ systems were investigated to clarify the coordination effects between the polyether chain and the cation which have been previously identified in polydisperse alkylphenoxy- and alkypolyoxyethylene surfactant systems. The coordination effects are simplified in the present study due to the presence of only a single polyether chain component. Formation of the surfactant complex resulted in conformational changes of the polyether chain which were monitored by Raman difference spectroscopy and curve fitting. The present studies confirm that surfactant-complex formation is dependent upon the polyether chain adopting the TGT-TĜT conformation and that the stability of the complex increases with the number of filled chain sites. The length of the polyether chain is also an influencing factor.