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LIF Measurements on the C2-X2r Transitions of the CD Radical

Volume 47, Number 11 (Nov. 1993) Page 1772-1774

Hummernbrum, F.; Kempkens, H.; Ruzicka, A.; Schiffer, C.; Uhlenbusch, J.; Winter, J.

Laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) measurements are made on the C2Σ+-X2Πr (λ = 314 nm) transition of CD, which is produced by a microwave-excited Ar/CD4 process plasma. The experiment is realized by using a frequency-doubled cw ring dye laser as the tunable light source. Due to the small bandwidth (≈3 MHz) of the exciting UV laser, the exact line positions of spin-doubled rotational lines in the P-branch (N″ = 2 to 5 and N″ = 8 to 13) of the first vibrational band (v′ = v″ = 0) could be determined. The resolution is limited only by Doppler broadening, which amounts in our plasma (T = 450 K) to about 4 GHz. With these new values of line positions, a modified spin-splitting constant of γ = 0.051 ± 0.006 cm−1 is calculated.