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Enhancing Effect of Deposited Silver on Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering for Chemisorbed Benzyl Disulfide on Iron

Volume 51, Number 6 (June 1997) Page 804-807

Li, Fengting; Lu, Yun; Xue, Gi

Benzyl disulfide (BDS) can be adsorbed on HCl- or H2SO4-etched iron plate to form self-assembled film. The films were characterized by Fourier transform surface-enhanced Raman scattering spectroscopy. It is proposed that the bands in the range of 290 to 296 cm-1 in the spectra were due to the S-Fe bond. The disappearance of the S-S band, the large shifts of the C-S band, and the appearance of the Fe-S band from free BDS to the adsorbed molecule on the iron surface suggested that the BDS molecule was chemisorbed perpendicularly on the iron surface in the form of thiolate. The thiolates formed a film dotted with ferric hydroxide and silver cluster. The SERS effect of iron covered with BDS can be enhanced by the chemically deposited silver film, and the enhancing effect was related to the deposition time of silver.