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Spectrofluorimetric Study of the Inclusion Complex of 7-Hydroxymethylnalidixic Acid with gamma-Cyclodextrin in Aqueous Solution

Volume 51, Number 5 (May 1997) Page 684-688

Duran-Meras, Isabel; Pena, Arsenio Munoz De La; Salinas, Francisco; Caceres, Isabel Rodriguez

A fluorimetric study on the spectral characteristics and acid-base behavior of 7-hydroxymethylnalidixic acid has been performed. The host-guest complexation process between gamma -cyclodextrin and 7-hydroxymethylnalidixic acid has also been investigated by fluorescence spectroscopy. Scatchard and Benesi-Hildebrand methods have been applied to determine the stoichiometry of the complex, and a 1:1 stoichiometric ratio has been established. A K1 = 118 +/- 25 M -1 formation constant has been calculated for the inclusion complex, by using the changes produced on the fluorescence of 7-hydroxymethylnalidixic acid, when it is included on the hydrophobic cyclodextrin cavity. A fluorimetric method of determination of 7-hydroxymethylnalidixic acid, in gamma -cyclodextrin aqueous solution, has been proposed. The analytical parameters and detection and quantification limits of the method have been determined.