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Analysis of 1H and 13C{1H} NMR Spectral Parameters of Diphenylchloroarsine, Diphenylcyanoarsine, and 10-Chloro- 5,10-dihydrophenarsazine: Identification of the Compounds through Reference to Simulated Spectra

Volume 51, Number 5 (May 1997) Page 733-737

Mesilaakso, Markku; Tolppa, Eeva-Liisa; Nousiainen, Paula

The 1H and 13C{1H} nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectra of diphenylchloroarsine, diphenylcyanoarsine, and 10-chloro-5,10-di- hydrophenarsazine were recorded from samples prepared in CDCl3, CD2Cl2, and (CD3)2 CO. Spectra were analyzed, and detailed 1H NMR spectral parameters were determined by iterative analysis. Simulation of spectra and their use as reference spectra for identification of the compounds under different conditions are discussed.