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Amplitude Spectrum Analysis of Dynamic FT-IR Spectra of Uniaxially Drawn Poly(ethylene terephthalate) Film with a Variable-Temperature Polymer Stretcher

Volume 51, Number 4 (April 1997) Page 598-600

Sonoyama, Masashi; Shoda, Kunihiro; Katagiri, Gen; Ishida, Hideyuki; Nakano, Tatsuhiko; Shimada, Shigeru; Yokoyama, Toru; Toriumi, Hirokazu

Dynamic FT-IR spectra of uniaxially 5 X -drawn poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET) film at a temperature of 30 to 150 C were measured with the use of a variable-temperature polymer stretcher, and amplitude spectrum analyses of the dynamic spectra were carried out. A drastic decrease in dynamic variations of the trans C-O stretching band was observed above the glass-to-rubber transition temperature. This observation suggests that the trans C-O bond in the ethylene glycol unit is closely related to changes in macroscopic mechanical properties of PET film in the glass-to-rubber transition.