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Laser-Induced Shock Wave Plasma Using Long-Pulse YAG Laser

Volume 51, Number 3 (March 1997) Page 304-308

Kurniawan, Hendrik; Kagawa, Kiichiro

A laser-induced shock wave plasma was generated by bombarding a brass target with a long-pulse YAG laser at reduced pressure. The characteristics of the laser plasma were studied by examining the reflection and diffraction of the laser plasma when an aluminum wedge block was placed in front of the plasma. A dramatic increase in the emission of the secondary plasma was observed, supporting the shock wave model. The collected data also confirm that the displacement length of the secondary plasma emission front is proportional time raised to the 0.6 power. The temperature of the secondary plasma was found to be 10,000 K at 5 mm above the target, decreasing to 6800 K at 10 mm above the target.