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Spectrochemical Analysis of Iron Ores By The Solution-Spark-Rotating Disk Technique

Volume 16, Number 6 (June 1962) Page 185-187

Wilkinson, Lex P.

A method is designed to provide for the spectrochemical analysis of iron ore for the following elements, reported as oxides in the ranges indicated: SiO2, 4.0-20.0%, and Al2O3, CaO, MgO, 1.0-6.0% each The solution and rotating disk technique is applied to a sample which has been treated to yield a dilute hydrochloric acid solution containing all of the four elements to be determined. A solution containing titanium and zinc for internal standard use is added. The spectrograms resulting from a high voltage excitation of these sample solutions have given analytical results with an average precision of 3.0% expressed as the coefficient of variation.