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Photoacoustic Depth-Resolved Analysis of Tissue Models

Volume 51, Number 1 (Jan. 1997) Page 51-57

Beenen, A.; Spanner, G.; Niessner, R.

Pulsed photoacoustic laser spectroscopy was used for depth-resolved analysis of artificial tissue models. The technique was applied to investigate the spatial resolution capabilities of a fiber-opticalcoupled photoacoustic sensor head. The time-resolved measurements confirmed the theoretical predictions of a depth resolution of 0.1 mm. In an adapted skin model, a strongly absorbing target could be detected up to a layer depth of 14 mm. At a layer depth of 5 mm, a lateral resolution of 3.5 mm was achieved. Because of the depth-resolving capability, this method is well suited as a complementary approach for two-dimensional imaging techniques.