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Feasibility Study of Raman Spectroscopy as a Tool to Investigate the Liquid-Phase Chemistry of Aliphatic Organic Peroxides

Volume 51, Number 1 (Jan. 1997) Page 74-80

Jacob, Peter; Wehling, Bernhard; Hill, Wieland; Klockow, Dieter

The described investigations are focused on peroxides occurring as products in atmospheric chemical processes, namely, hydrogen peroxide, methylhydroperoxide, hydroxymethylhydroperoxide, bis-(hydroxymethyl)peroxide, 1-hydroxyethylhydroperoxide, bis-(hydroxyethyl)peroxide, and hydroxymethylmethylperoxide. The compounds are identified and determined through the position and intensity of their characteristic O-O stretching bands in the range between 767 and 878 cm-1.Time-resolved Raman spectroscopy of peroxide solutions permits the in situ investigation of pathways and kinetics of reactions between peroxides and aldehydes.