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Real-Time Photoacoustic Signal Analysis in a Gas-Phase Spectrophone: A Feasibility Study

Volume 50, Number 11 (Nov. 1996) Page 1366-1372

Bellaiche-Sharpe, P.; Gough, K.M.; Schattka, B.J.; MacDonald, T.; Rustenburg, J.; Struyk, A.; McDonnell, G.

A digital signal processing (DSP) system has been constructed for the acquisition of intracavity dye laser photoacoustic spectra (ICLPAS). The DSP system permits observation of the real-time PA pulse, an arrangement which facilitates the adjustment of all spectral acquisition parameters as well as signal processing for noise reduction. Sample spectra of the real-time PA pulse illustrate the improvements possible with Fourier filtering and time-averaging. Spectra of the region of the fifth CH stretching overtone of ethene, benzene, and propane in the gas phase are presented. The system offers significant potential advantages In signal quality, signal processing, and construction cost over the more conventional lock-in amplifier detection method.