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Comparative Study of the Solid-Matrix Luminescence Properties of Perdeuterated Phenanthrene and Phenanthrene Adsorbed on Several Solid Matrices

Volume 50, Number 9 (Sept. 1996) Page 1140-1144

Ramasamy, Savakkattupalayam M.; Hurtubise, Robert J.

Temperature was varied over a wide range to determine its effect on the luminescence properties of deuterated phenanthrene and phenanthrene adsorbed on a number of solid matrices. Not only were insights into the effects of temperature and solid matrices on the luminescence properties acquired but also the deuterium isotope effect revealed unique information about the role played by the solid matrix in the luminescence of the model compounds. In addition, comparisons of nonradiative rate constants and the efficiencies of intersystem crossing revealed important differences among the solid matrices in altering these parameters. The perdeuterated phenanthrene and phenanthrene proved to be useful probes for investigating the effects of solid matrices on the excited triplet state of phosphors because the excited singlet state of the lumiphor was affected very little by the solid matrices, and the rate constants of phosphorescence for the two phosphors are essentially the same.