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Remote Raman Microimaging Using an AOTF and a Spatially Coherent Microfiber Optical Probe

Volume 50, Number 8 (Aug. 1996) Page 1007-1014

Skinner, H. Trey; Cooney, Thomas F.; Sharma, S.K.; Angel, S.M.

A fiber-optic Raman microimaging probe is described that is suitable for acquiring high-spatial-resolution Raman images in sampling situations with no clear line of sight. A high-power near-infrared diode laser combined with an acousto-optic tunable filter and a spatially coherent optical fiber bundle allow fluorescence-free Raman images of remotely located samples to be acquired at distances up to several meters. The feasibility of this technique is demonstrated with Raman images of (1) a pellet containing a mixture of a highly scattering sample, bis-methylstyrylbenzene (BMSB), KCl, and graphite, and (2) a partially graphitized diamond. These images clearly show phase boundaries over an area of approximately 0.1 mm2 with ~4-μm resolution.