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Liquid Crystal Tunable Filter Raman Chemical Imaging

Volume 50, Number 6 (June 1996) Page 805-811

Morris, Hannah R.; Hoyt, Clifford C.; Miller, Peter; Treado, Patrick J.

A Lyot-type liquid crystal tunable filter (LCTF) suitable for high-definition Raman chemical imaging has been developed. The LCTF has been incorporated into an efficient Raman imaging system that provides significant performance advantages relative to any previous approach to Raman microscopy. The LCTF and associated optical path is physically compact, which accommodates integration of the LCTF within an infinity-corrected optical microscope. The LCTF simultaneously provides diffraction-limited spatial resolution and 7.6-cm-1 spectral bandpass across the full free spectral range of the imaging spectrometer. The LCTF Raman microscope successfully integrates, in a facile manner, the utility of optical microscopy and the analytical capabilities of Raman spectroscopy. In this paper the LCTF Raman imaging system is described in detail, as well as results of initial studies of polymer and corrosion product model systems.