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A New Carrier for Uranium Oxide

Volume 17, Number 2 (March 1963) Page 51-53

King, H.G.; Neff, C.M.

Carrier distillation techniques, frequently employed in the analysis of uranium oxide and other compounds having complex spectra suffer drastically when impurity levels are moderately high. This is especially true in the case of refractories such as alumina and silica, which are strongly suppressed at the 100-ppm level. An additional analysis has been necessary for the determination of the elements that were suppressed in the sensitive carrier methods. The difficulty with refractories has been obviated in the UCNC Y-12 Plant Laboratory by using a mixed carrier compound of silver chloride and silver fluoride. The mixture ratio is 4 to 1 (chloride to fluoride) for the analysis of uranium oxide. The weight of carrier per crater charge, as well as the mixture ratio, can be varied according to matrix and number of impurities desired. The carrier, called NK-2, is also used for thorium dioxide.