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1H NMR Study of (Hydroxymethyl)melamine Rearrangement in DMSO Solutions

Volume 50, Number 4 (April 1996) Page 528-532

Duliban, Jerzy; Galina, Henryk; Lubczak, Jacek

(Hydroxymethyl)melamines (HMMs) are readily obtained by dissolving melamine in formalin at pH 8-9. They are widely used as precursors of melamine-form-aldehyde resins belonging to an important group of plastics. There are nine HMM isomers possible, with six hydrogen atoms in amino groups of melamine available for substitution. In aqueous solution they form an equilibrium mixture the composition of which was the subject of both theoretical and experimental studies. Each bis-, tris-, and tetrakis(hydroxymethyl)melamine consists of two constituent isomers. The isomers differ in the way the hydroxy-methyl groups are distributed among amino groups.