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Diode Laser-Based Absorption Detector for Conventional-Size Liquid Chromatography

Volume 50, Number 1 (Jan. 1996) Page 28-34

Mank, A.J.G.; de Nijs, H.; Lingeman, H.; Brinkman, U.A.T.h.; Velthorst, N.H.; Gooijer, C.

A diode laser-based absorption detector is designed for conventionalsize liquid chromatography (LC). To this end, various detection setups and individual components have been evaluated. A ratioing system using a 10-mW 670-nm diode laser allowed the detection of 6 × 10-10 M mitoxantrone [signal-to-noise (S/N) = 3; N = root-mean-square (rms) noise], an anti-tumor drug, in a biological matrix without any sample cleanup. Multipass detection and intensity modulation of the excitation light did not improve the detection limit. A fiber-optic detector cell, utilizing a gradient-index lens on the light-guiding fiber, was a good and robust alternative for the standard absorption detector cell. Detection limits with the use of the diode laser-based detector are 20-fold better than those obtained with a commercial absorption detector for LC.