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UV-Laser Plasma Study of Elemental Distributions of Paper Coatings

Volume 49, Number 12 (Dec. 1995) Page 1721-1728

Häkkänen, H.J.; Korppi-Tommola, J.E.I.

The potential of a laser-generated plasma method in the analysis of coating coverage, coatweight distribution, and 3D distribution of various pigments of paper coating is described. A XeCl-excimer laser (308 nm) was used to generate microscopic plasma from the paper coating, and delayed detection of silicon and calcium atomic emission line intensities was used as a measure of mass vaporized. Macroscopic areas typically 10 × 10 mm2 at a spatial resolution of 250 μm were studied. With a single laser pulse (0.2 mJ of energy), about 2 ng of coating from a volume of 30 μm in diameter and 2 μm in depth was vaporized. The method seems to be useful for characterization of multilayer coatings.