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X-Ray Spectrographic Analysis of Silica and Alumina Base Catalyst by a Fusion-Cast Disc Technique

Volume 17, Number 2 (March 1963) Page 37-38

Townsend, J.E.

An x-ray spectrographic analytical method has been developed using a fusion-cast disc technique based on that described by Claisse. This method eliminates the necessity of having chemically analyzed samples or synthetic samples for use as a calibration media and uses instead, an easily compounded mixture of metallic oxides diluted with lithium carbonate. Presently, the method is set up for the analysis of elements of atomic weight 23 through 42 but may be extended by use of other accessories in the optical system. The extreme dilution and subsequent fusion with sodium borate destroys sample identity and reduces matrix effects to such an extent that working curves may be used for a variety of sample types. The resultant cast disc may be retained and reused indefinitely.