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Photoacoustic FT-IR Spectroscopy of Natural Copper Patina

Volume 49, Number 10 (Oct. 1995) Page 1516-1524

Salnick, Alex O.; Faubel, Werner

Fourier transform infrared photoacoustic spectroscopy (FT-IR/PAS) has proved to be a useful tool for nondestructive testing of copper corrosion layer (patina) formed in the atmosphere. The samples cut from a piece of the roof of the Stockholm City Hall were examined without any additional pretreatment. The components of the patina—brochantite Cu4(OH)6SO4, antlerite Cu3(OH)4SO4, and basic cupric carbonate Cu2CO3(OH)6·H2O—as well as some other minerals were identified. The photothermal beam deflection (PBD) method was used for independent photoacoustic characterization of the samples. The depth profiling capability of FT-IR/PAS was used to determine the degree of photoacoustic saturation of the spectral bands and to evaluate the depth distribution of the main patina components. The technique thus compares favorably with more common approaches of patina examination which are more expensive and require special sample preparation.