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Application of Principal Component Analysis to the Studies of OH Groups in NaHY Zeolites

Volume 49, Number 10 (Oct. 1995) Page 1534-1537

Datka, Jerzy; Gil, Barbara; Hobert, Hartmut; Meyer, Katrin

The Si-OH-Al bridging hydroxyls in zeolites are active sites in many important reactions catalyzed by zeolites. Their amount and their acid strength have been extensively studied in many laboratories (for reviews see Refs. 1 and 2). We undertook studies of the heterogeneity of Si-OH-Al groups in zeolites, i.e., the presence of a few kinds of bridging hydroxyls of various acid strength in the same zeolite structure. We studied the heterogeneity of OH groups in NaHZSM-5 zeolites, NaHA zeolite, and NaH faujasites.