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Linear Raman Spectroscopy on Droplet Chains: A New Experimental Method for the Analysis of Fast Transport Processes and Reactions on Microparticles

Volume 49, Number 9 (Sept. 1995) Page 1215-1224

Vehring, R.; Moritz, H.; Niekamp, D.; Schweiger, G.; Heinrich, P.

A new experimental method for the analysis of mass and energy transport and reactions on microparticles is presented. A chain of microdroplets from a vibrating orifice generator was injected into a quiescent gas phase. Linear Raman spectra from the microparticles and the surrounding gas were taken at different distances from the generator. Concentration changes were measured as a function of droplet lifetime. A period of time of up to 20 ms could be studied with a resolution of 10 μs. An argonion laser in a 90° scattering geometry was used for excitation. Spectra were taken through a modified double monochromator with a two-dimensional charge-coupled device (CCD) detector, one axis of which was used for spatial resolution. Profiles of gaseous components near the droplets could be measured with a resolution of 50 μm. The method has been applied to analysis of absorption, dissociation, and isomerization in the SO2-H2O system and to the investigation of the desorption process of CO2 from water droplets. Chemical components in gas and liquid phase could be separated. The detection limit in aqueous media was 1 mmol/L.