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Measurement of Aromatic Hydrocarbons with the DOAS Technique

Volume 49, Number 9 (Sept. 1995) Page 1254-1260

Axelsson, Håkan; Eilard, Anders; Emanuelsson, Annika; Galle, Bo; Edner, Hans; Ragnarson, Pär; Kloo, Henrik

Long-path DOAS (differential optical absorption spectroscopy) in the ultraviolet spectral region has been shown to be applicable for lowconcentration measurements of light aromatic hydrocarbons. However, because of spectral interferences among different aromatics as well as with oxygen, ozone, and sulfur dioxide, the application of the DOAS technique for this group of components is not without problems. This project includes a study of the differential absorption characteristics, between 250 and 280 nm, of twelve light aromatic hydrocarbons representing major constituents in technical solvents used in the automobile industry. Spectral overlapping between the different species, including oxygen, ozone, and sulfur dioxide, has been investigated and related to the chemical structure of the different aromatics. Interference effects in the DOAS application due to spectral overlapping have been investigated both in quantitative and in qualitative terms, with data from a field campaign at a major automobile manufacturing plant.