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Chemometric Study of the Fluorescence of Dental Calculus by Trilinear Decomposition

Volume 49, Number 9 (Sept. 1995) Page 1317-1325

Ferreira, Marcia M.C.; Brandes, Mary Lou; Ferreira, Inês M.C.; Booksh, Karl S.; Dolowy, William C.; Gouterman, Martin; Kowalski, Bruce R.

Chemometric techniques have been applied to the unresolved secondorder porphyrinic emission-excitation fluorescent spectra of several animal dental calculus deposits dissolved in HCl. A singular value decomposition (SVD) procedure was used for preliminary indication of the number of fluorescent species present in the samples. The trilinear decomposition (TLD) method was applied to resolve component spectra, resulting in three porphyrinic spectral profiles for both canines and felines.