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Matrix Isolation/Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometry of Laser-Desorbed Species

Volume 49, Number 7 (July 1995) Page 955-963

Carr, B.L.; Brown, R.S.

Initial results are presented for a novel experimental arrangement which allows the successful study of laser-desorbed neutral species under matrix isolation conditions. In the current work, a pulsed carbon dioxide laser (10.6 μm) is employed for laser desorption. With the combination of a previously described cryogenic trapping technique with coaxial matrix isolation gas (xenon or argon) introduction, laser-desorbed neutrals have been matrix isolated and their Fourier transform infrared spectra recorded. Two different cinnamic acid derivatives (p-coumaric acid and sinapinic acid) typically employed for matrix-assisted laser ionization (MALDI) mass spectrometry were utilized to demonstrate this new technique. Experimental conditions were determined for optimal matrix isolation of the laser-desorbed species. Two different desorption geometries were examined with respect to their effectiveness for matrix isolation of desorbed neutrals. A covalent dimer of p-coumaric acid produced in an external UV photoreactor and thought to be a possible photoreaction product in UV MALDI was studied by this technique. Thermal degradation of this dimer is shown to occur above threshold irradiance for laser desorption.