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Infrared Mapping of Surface-Modified Kevlar Fiber-Reinforced Epoxy Systems

Volume 49, Number 2 (Feb. 1995) Page 149-155

Mavrich, Angela M.; Ishida, Hatsuo; Koenig, Jack L.

Epoxy-reacted Kevlar-49/epoxy systems were studied with the use of localized infrared microspectroscopy and IR imaging. Spectral evidence was acquired that indicated the modification of the fiber's surface with epoxy functionalities. Thin films of amine-cured epoxy resin, deposited on single filaments of unreacted and epoxy-reacted Kevlar, were examined with the use of FT-IR microspectroscopy. IR images of these samples reveal higher levels of cure along the reacted fiber surface in comparison with the unreacted fiber and bulk matrix. Finally, thin films of curing agent were deposited on the surface of reacted and unreacted single Kevlar filaments. IR functional group images from this sample reveal a preferential attraction of the curing agent, DEH 26, to the epoxy-reacted surface.