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Dynamic and Solid-Matrix Quenching by Moisture in Solid-Matrix Phosphorescence with Filter Paper

Volume 48, Number 10 (Oct. 1994) Page 1242-1248

Chen, Jie; Tjioe, S.W.; Hurtubise, Robert J.

The room-temperature solid-matrix phosphorescence intensity ratios behaved very differently than the phosphorescence lifetime ratios for 4-phenylphenol, protonated benzo(f)quinoline, and two tetrols adsorbed on filter paper over a wide range of wt % adsorbed moisture. The changes in phosphorescence intensity ratios and lifetime ratios were related to regions before the monolayer coverage of water and beyond monolayer coverage of water on filter paper. An equation was obtained that describes the changes in the phosphorescence intensity ratio as a function of phosphorescence lifetime ratio and an exponential expression that included the wt % of adsorbed moisture. This equation defined both dynamic and solid-matrix quenching of phosphorescence by adsorbed moisture. The changes in the phosphorescence lifetime ratios were readily related to wt % adsorbed moisture by the use of a dynamic quenching model.