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Spectral Measurement of Sodium Decanoate Aqueous Solution by Microscope Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometry with the Electrophoresis/Attenuated Total Reflection Method

Volume 48, Number 9 (Sept. 1994) Page 1176-1179

Matsui, Tomoko; Jin, Chihiro; Kaneuchi, Fumiko; Kawasaki, Kazuhiro; Watanabe, Noriyuki

It has always been difficult to perform analysis and characterization of substances in aqueous solution by using infrared (IR) spectrometry. We propose a new method in which ions are concentrated on the attenuated total reflection (ATR) surface of a germanium prism by using an electrophoretic means. The method may provide insolution. These results implied that the dissolved state of sodium decanoate in 0.06 M solution was different from that in 0.02, 0.04, and 0.2 M solutions.