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Near-Infrared Raman Spectroscopy with High Resolution Using the Scanning Multichannel Technique

Volume 48, Number 4 (April 1994) Page 454-457

Panitz, J.C.; Zimmermann, F.; Fischer, F.; Häfner, W.; Wokaun, A.

An experimental setup has been developed for the measurement of Raman spectra with NIR excitation, which combines high resolution with multichannel detection. The instrument is based on a Ti:sapphire laser for excitation, a double monochromator, and a CCD detector. The scanning multichannel technique is used for efficient acquisition of Raman spectra. Principal features of the software designed for control of the spectrometer are described, including definition of problem-adapted resolution elements and spike-removal routines. Raman spectra of several compounds are given, demonstrating the good resolution obtainable with this version of NIR Raman spectroscopy.