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Characterization of Binary Uranium Oxides by Infrared Spectroscopy

Volume 48, Number 4 (April 1994) Page 525-530

Allen, Geoffrey C.; Holmes, Nigel R.

In this study transmission infrared spectra were recorded for 15 uranium oxides previously characterized by X-ray diffraction. The infrared spectra obtained demonstrated that all the uranium oxides studied could be distinguished, even for the closely similar structures of UO2 and U4O9. The infrared studies of U4O9 near the temperature of the α-U4O9 to β-U4O9 phase transition showed that an absorption at 670 cm-1 could be related to the ordering of oxygen interstitials in the fluorite lattice. A similar absorption was observed for β-U3O7 but was found to be absent in α-U3O7. The local coordination of oxygen/metal clusters in β-U4O9 and β-U3O7 appeared to be similar.