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IR Emission Spectrum of Solid Materials under Periodic Heating: Modulated Emission Spectroscopy (MES)

Volume 48, Number 3 (March 1994) Page 297-306

Guillois, O.; Nenner, I.; Papoular, R.; Reynaud, C.

Prompted by the need to identify absolute values of IR absorptivities of high-opacity, refractory materials for astrophysical purposes, we have developed a new type of emission spectroscopy. This method makes use of a modulated radiation source of a common type and does not require that the sample material be thinned or be embedded in a matrix. Even very high absorptivities can be measured and then measured in situ as a function of temperature. The theory underlying the data treatment is developed and illustrated by applications to two materials of astrophysical interest. Limitations and possible improvements are discussed.