Portable Spectroscopy and Spectrometry


John Wiley has just published a two-volume book, “Portable Spectroscopy and Spectrometry”, edited by Richard Crocombe, Pauline Leary and Brooke Kammrath.  Volume 1 covers ‘Technologies and Instrumentation’ and Volume 2 covers ‘Applications’.  The two volumes provide a thorough treatment of the subject, with over 40 chapters and 1200 pages in all. Many of the chapter authors are SAS and Coblentz members, and also familiar faces from SciX and Pittcon.


Volume 1 includes chapters on FT-IR, NIR, Raman, UV-visible, microplasmas, LIBS, mass spectrometry, GC-MS, ion mobility spectrometry, x-ray fluorescence, NMR, DNA and biological analyzers.  Additional special topics include MEMS and MOEMS, optical filter technology, smartphone and stand-off spectroscopy.


Volume 2 focuses on applications, with coverage of industrial, pharmaceutical, forensic, military, hazardous materials, food, geochemistry and astrobiology, field geology, cultural heritage and archeology.  Additional special topics include chapters on algorithms, libraries and calibrations, calibration transfer, specific Raman and NIR applications, and applications of smartphone spectroscopy in the clinical field.


You can see the contents of these books, and sample chapters, by doing a web search for:


ISBN: 978-1-119-63641-0


ISBN: 978-1-119-63642-7


These books are available to SAS members at a 20% discount.  Log-into the SAS website, navigate to this page: https://www.s-a-s.org/member-only-benefit/, and then use the discount code found on that page. You can also find them on Amazon.