SAS 2020 Initiative

Our vision for the future

The SAS 2020 planning effort was completed and approved by the Governing Board at SciX in 2016. Please review the attached content for more information. Please contact the SAS Office to get involved or help out with ideas that will help SAS achieve its 2020 objectives!

SAS 2020 Vision


SAS 2020-related Committee Assignments

Background:  Coming out of the 2020 work over the past two years, there are recommendations for contributions needed from certain SAS Committees.  These areas, and the contributing Committees, are outlined, below.

SAS 2020 Annual Goals List

Contributing Committees

Summary Plan

Need to Recruit 80-150 new members a year. This can be accomplished by adding or invigorating Sections (including New Technical Areas), actively bringing in Students, etc.

Regional, Technical and Special Interest Section Committee, together with the Membership Committee and the Office, needs to agree a combined recruiting plan, which meets the 80-150 new member target.  The leader of this effort is the leader of the Regional, Technical and Special Interest Section Committee.

Plan should be shared with the President by PittCon, for presentation to and support by the EC.

Need to insure the safety of Members, especially with respect to employment.

The Membership Committee should track employment of members and propose events to boost employment.

Plan should be shared with the President, for presentation to the EC.  Progress should be advertised.

Need to insure the ongoing safety/health of the Society

The EC needs to develop plans to add $50,000/year to the budget, to keep the Society healthy.

The EC needs to include this plan as part of developing a new year’s budget.

Need to insure that members feel “Loved” by SAS.

Every year, the Publicity Committee should connect with the Membership and Publication and Marketing Committees, plus the SAS Office, to develop a joint strategy that will offer members at least eight opportunities per year to learn how they can enjoy SAS benefits.  Additional strategies to optimize networking events should also be prepared by the Membership Committee.  The leader of this effort should be the leader of the Marketing Committee.

The Publicity Committee should bring the completed plan to the SAS President at PittCon, for presentation to the EC.

Need to build the Self Esteem of Members by better management of SAS Awards.

  • The Publicity and Publication and Marketing Committees each need to develop a plan to celebrate Awardees.  The leader of this effort should be the Chair of the Publicity Committee.
  • The EC needs to increase funding focus on SAS Awards.  The EC also needs to consider the right mix of Awards, as new Technical areas develop and/or replace others.
  • Advertising for SAS Awards needs to be planned and discussed at (or before) PittCon each calendar year, for action throughout the year by the Publicity and Publication and Marketing Committees.
  • The EC should budget a ~4%/year increase in Awards value, after a one-time catch up in value.

Need to provide Self-Actualization Opportunities for members.

The EC needs to agree annually on 1-2 focus areas which add opportunities to demonstrate leadership, build capabilities, or increase recognition for members.

  • Proposals for increasing self-actualization opportunities should be sought each year.
  • The EC-chosen annual strategy should be announced at SciX.