This award is established to recognize individuals for their exceptional contributions to the field of spectroscopy and is the highest award given by SAS. The Award consists of an engraved plaque and a lifetime membership in the Society. This membership shall include all the privileges and rights of a regular member. The award shall be presented at the Society for Applied Spectroscopy award ceremony held at the fall meeting. Regional, Technical and or Student Sections, individual members, the Awards Committee, or the Executive Committee may make nomination for the Honorary Membership Award. Nomination material should include a letter of recommendation with supporting documentation regarding the nominee’s contributions to the field of spectroscopy, a current CV, and short bio.

2022 Award Recipients


2021 Award Recipients

2020 Award Recipients



2019 John F. Jackovitz, Isiah Warner

Sandy Asher Arnold O. Beckman* Freeman Bentley* John Bertie LaVerne S. Birks* Robert R. Brattain* Frederick Brech* I. D'Arcy Brent II* William R. Brode* H. Howard. Cary* John Chalmers D. Bruce. Chase Forrest F. Cleveland* William W. Coblentz* Norman B. Colthup* Bryce L. Crawford, Jr.* John A. Dean* M. Bonner Denton Velmer A. Fassel* William G. Fateley* John R. Ferraro* Jeanette Graselli-Brown Peter R. Griffiths Herbert S. Gutowsky* Joel Harris George R. Harrison* Roland C. Hawes* Gerhard. Herzberg* Gary M. Hieftje Tomas Hirschfeld* Edwin S. Hodge* John F. Jackovitz* Richard Jarrell* Edwin K. Jaycox* William I. Kaye* Wolfgang Kiefer Gordon F. Kirkbright* Jack L. Koenig S. Roy Koirtyohann Jaan. Laane Ira W. Levin Herman A. Liebhafsky* Richard C. Lord, Jr.* Alan G. Marshall William F. Meggers* Melvin G. Mellon* Robert E. Michaelis* Foil A. Miller* Terry Miller Laurence A. Nafie Kazuo Nakamoto* Henry H. Nielsen* Alfred O. Nier* Isao Noda Karl Norris Richard A. Nyquist* Nicolo Omenetto Yukihiro Ozaki Richard Palmer Earl K. Plyler* William J. Poehlman* Theodor C. Rains* Geraldine Richmond Harry Rose* Anton Savitsky* Alexander Scheeline Borden F. Scribner* Heinz W. Siesler Charlotte M. Sitterly* Walter Slavin Frank H. Spedding* Lester W. Strock* MitsuoTasumi Richard Van Duyne* Isiah Warner G. Vernon Wheeler* Charles L. Wilkins E. Bright Wilson* James D. Winefordner Ray Woodriff* Norman Wright* *deceased