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1.Raman Spectroscopy: Theory 2.Infrared Spectroscopy: Theory 3.Spectra– Structure Correlations in the Mid‐ and Far‐Infrared
4.Spectra–Structure Correlations in Raman Spectroscopy 5.Spectra– Structure Correlations in the Near‐Infrared 6.Spectra–Structure Correlations: Polymer Spectra
7.Wavenumber Standards for Mid‐infrared Spectrometry 8.Wavenumber Standards for Near‐Infrared Spectrometry 9.Wavenumber Standards for Raman Spectrometry
10.Anomalies and Artifacts in Raman Spectroscopy 11.Anomalies in Near‐Infrared Spectroscopy 12.Mid‐Infrared Spectroscopy: Anomalies, Artifacts and Common Errors
13.Optical Materials for Infrared Spectroscopy 14.Principles, Theory and Practice of Internal Reflection Spectroscopy 15.Glossary of Terms used in Vibrational Spectroscopy



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