Recorded Webinars


A number of recorded webinars, done by SAS educators both in conjunction with Spectroscopy magazine as well as equipment vendors.

The list links to the recordings.  


“Portable Spectroscopy in 2020” by Richard Crocombe is available here

“Mid-Infrared, Near-Infrared and Raman Spectrometries: Differences, Commonalities, and When to Use Which” by James de Haseth is available at

“Solving Problems When Using FT-IR”, by Ellen Miseo is now available as a free recording video. 

“Basic Principles of Raman Spectroscopy with Imaging Applications”, by David Tuschel  is now available as a free recording video. 


Pitfalls and Challenges of Infrared Sampling by Jenni Briggs




Infrared Microscopy by Ellen Miseo



Strategies and Resources for Infrared Spectral Interpretation by Peter Larkin


Our Corporate Sponsor, Pike Technologies has an excellent series of educational videos which can be found at