H and L Type Visa Suspension Statement



In light of the recent presidential executive order suspending H and L type visa applications for employment in the US, SAS would like to remind all our members and colleagues using these visas or wanting to apply for these visas that that you are highly valued.  Such immigrant scientific work contributes significantly to the advancement of science, creation of jobs and growth in the US.  Please do not let this, hopefully short term, short sighted EO diminish your passion and dreams to advance your careers and science in the US.  If you are experiencing undo stress and anxiety due to this action please please talk to friends and colleagues or reach out to SAS for support from our membership.  If allowed to stand this EO will significantly damage the ability of the US to retain/regain its position of leadership in the scientific world.  The quality of research and education will certainly diminish significantly because of the EO.  Not to mention the ability of the US to fight diseases such as COVID-19 and cancer.  SAS strongly supports and understands the need for immigrant science in the US to allow the US to be leaders in science research and to grow the economy.  If you agree we encourage you to sign the petition below.