Ocean Optics

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Committee appointments - 2016
  Chair Daniel Autrey
  Chair elect Ken Marcus
  Member Frederick Antosz
  Constitution and Bylaws  
  Chair (President elect) Greg Klunder
  Member (Past President) Diane Parry
  Member Frederick Antosz
  Regional and Technical Section affairs  
  Coordinator Robert Lascola
  Member Jacob Shelley
  Member Fredrich Menges
  Coordinator Ingeborg Iping Petterson
  Member Richard Osibanjo
  Member Andrew Whitley
  Chair (Past-President) Diane Parry
  Member Geoffrey Coleman
  Member Isao Noda
  Member Rohith Reddy
  Member Rina Dukor
  Tour Speaker  
  Coordinator 2016 Emily Smith
  Coordinator 2017 Steve Barnett
  Coordinator 2018 Ken Marcus
  Chair John Wasylyk
  Chair elect Dave McCurdy
  Past-chair Mike George
  Member - 2yrs Francesca Palombo
  Member-2 yrs Don Pivonka
  Chair Mary Kate Donais
  Past chair Moussa Barhoum
  Chair-elect Lynn Zhang
  Member 2-Yrs Jenni Briggs
  Member Anna Donnell
  Chair Suzanne Schreyer
  Member Alexander Rzhevskii
  Member Wayne Jalenak
  Meggers Award  
  Chair Rohit Bhargava
  Chair -elect Michael Myrick
  Member Andy Bean
  Editor in chief Mike Blades
  Editor Peter Griffiths
  Lester Strock Award  
  Chair Dula Amarasiriwardena
  Chair-elect Gerardo Gamez
  NE Section member Peter Larkin
  Lippincott Award  
  Member Richard Van Duyne
  Member 2-Yrs Rohit Bhargava
  Fellows Committee  
  Chair Dave Haaland
  Chair-elect Katherine Bakeev
  Member Peter Griffiths
  Editor Fred Haibach
  Member Louisa Profeta
  Member Shawn Chen
  Long range planning  
  Chair Diane Parry
  Member Ian Lewis
  Member Ben Manard
  Member Richard Crocombe
  Member Mike Blades
  Executive Director Bonnie Saylor
  Web Committee  
  Chair Anna Donnell
  Member David Tuschel
  Member Lynn Zhang
  Executive Director Bonnie Saylor
  FACSS Delegates  
  Past President Diane Parry
  President Ellen Miseo
  President elect Greg Klunder

Last Modified: Sep 29, 2016