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Tuesday, February 11, 2020 at 11am EST | 8am PST | 4pm GMT | 5pm CET

Event Overview:

Starting about 15 years ago, portable optical spectrometers were developed, costing more than $20,000 and targeted at first responders, hazardous materials (HazMat) teams, and the military. These instruments have developed in sophistication and S/N over the years and have been applied to a growing number of analyses, including street narcotics, raw material identification and fraudulent goods. Recently, much lower cost handheld spectrometers have come onto the market, some aimed at the consumer. The open questions are: What applications are these targeted at, and in the hands of the general public, can they provide reliable information? In addition, portable hyperspectral instruments are now being developed, and again being marketed to the general public, raising the same questions. This webcast surveys the field and explores these issues.





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As part of the SAS continuing efforts to expand our spectroscopy certification and training program we are now providing a series of training seminars, courses and webinars. This training series is intended to provide a simple introduction and grounding in different types of spectroscopy for people that use or are thinking to use spectroscopy in their work or studies. The training series can also serve as a refresher for those people that need reminding of important concepts or tricks and tips in various types of spectroscopy. We will also be covering important subjects like common mistakes and how to avoid them and how to get the most out of spectroscopy in your work. Finally if you or your colleagues want to discuss spectroscopy training in more detail with any of our spectroscopy training mentors please contact the SAS office directly. Below are some of our training courses and webinars already available. Our training offer will be expanded continually over the coming months.

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1. SAS and our spectroscopy training mentors have partnered with Spectroscopy Magazine, to provide introductory webinars to our training capabilities. The first of these webinars was provided by SAS training mentor David Tuschel on August 27. This webinar, “Basic Principles of Raman Spectroscopy with Imaging Applications”, is now available as a free recording video. 

2. The second in this series of webinars, “Solving Problems When Using FT-IR”, by SAS training mentor, and former SAS President, Ellen Miseo is is now available as a free recording video. 

3. 6 short courses for training oppertunities at Pittcon 2020, Learn More and Register:

In addition there are many wonderful resources from various companies and academic groups: