SAS Awards - How to Nominate


Nominations are currently open for 2021 Awards.

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To nominate for an award, please send an email with any pertinent information (see award description for details) that would help our awards committees determine the nominees worthiness for the award to


Awards Policies and Procedures:


WILLIAM J. POEHLMAN AWARD.   It consists of a certificate and an honorarium whose amount will be determined annually by the Executive Committee.  


APPLIED SPECTROSCOPY WILLIAM F. MEGGERS AWARD.  The selection committee consists of five (5) members total: the chair, chair-elect, the Journal Editor-in-Chief, the Journal Editor, and one (1) other member.  The chair-elect is appointed for a two (2) year term (as chair-elect and as chair).  Each year one other member is appointed for a one (1) year term. There is no past-chair.

(a)  The chair of the committee  shall notify  in  writing  the Executive Director of the name(s) of the committee's selection by January 31st  of the year following the year in which the paper appeared in Applied  Spectroscopy,  for  approval  by  the  Executive  Committee  at  the spring  Executive  Committee meeting.

(b) This award is given to the author(s) of the outstanding paper appearing in Applied Spectroscopy.  It is awarded at the Society for Applied Spectroscopy award ceremony held at the Society’s National meeting following the calendar year of publication and shall consist of an appropriate commemorative award and an honorarium whose amount will be determined annually by the Executive Committee.  The honorarium shall be awarded to the corresponding author to be shared among the co-authors as they choose.  Financial assistance to support one of the authors of the publication to allow them to receive the award in person may be provided by the Society upon approval by the Executive Committee or Governing Board.   Arrangements must be coordinated by the Society’s National Office.


LESTER  W.  STROCK  AWARD.    The selection committee shall consist of three (3) members total, a chair, a chair-elect, and the chair-elect of the New England Section or his/her appointee. The chair-elect is appointed for a two (2) year term (as chair-elect and as chair).  There is no past-chair. The committee chair shall notify the Executive Director of the committee’s selection by January 31st.  The award shall be presented at an award ceremony held at the Society’s National meeting by the New England Section committee member or his/her representative.

This award has been established by the New England Section and is given annually to an author or authors of an outstanding paper or series of papers which are collectively outstanding.  The award shall be a medal.  All administration of the award shall be the responsibility of the New England Section.  If the selected paper(s) has more than one author, each principal author shall be awarded a medal.  A principal author shall be defined as one who has made a major contribution toward the publication of the paper.  If difficulty arises in the determination of principal author(s), the selection committee shall decide which authors are to be awarded medals and their decision will be final.  The paper(s) to be considered shall have appeared during the five (5) years preceding the year of the award, and shall have been on analytical spectroscopy.  The selection committee shall give particular attention to the scientific interests of Lester W. Strock in the geological and life sciences, as exemplified by his publications.  Nomination for the award may be made by any member of the Society.


DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD.   This award is established to recognize individual members for their long-time service to the Society.  The Award consists of an engraved plaque and a lifetime membership in the Society.   This membership shall include all the privileges and rights of a regular member.   The award shall be presented at an award ceremony held at the at the Society’s National meeting.  Nomination for the Distinguished Service Award may be made by any member of the Society.  Nominations should be sent to the Society Office to the attention of the Awards Committee.


SAS GRADUATE STUDENT AWARD.   The award shall consist of a plaque or scroll and an expense-paid trip to accept the award.   The Executive Director shall make all arrangements regarding travel, hotel, and registration expenses of the awardee.  The Executive Director shall also inform the awardee of any limitations in the amount of money which may be spent for meals and miscellaneous expenses. The SAS Graduate Student Award is also known as the Barbara Stull Graduate Student Award.


UNDERGRADUATE AWARD IN APPLIED SPECTROSCOPY.  The Society will provide each awardee with a one-year subscription to the Journal and a certificate.


LIPPINCOTT AWARD.  This award is given to honor the memory of Ellis R. Lippincott.  The medal is sponsored jointly by the Society for Applied Spectroscopy, the Coblentz Society, and the Optical Society of America.  The recipient of the award shall have made significant contributions to vibrational spectroscopy.  These contributions may be theoretical, experimental, or both, as well as basic or applied. Each society selects two (2) members to serve on the Lippincott Committee.  The Society for Applied Spectroscopy members each serve a two (2) year term.  The location and presentation of the award and the chairing of the committee rotates among the sponsoring organizations.  When the Society for Applied Spectroscopy is the sponsoring organization, the award is presented at the Society’s National meeting. Additional details about the Lippincott Award are found in the Operating Agreement among the three sponsoring societies, a copy of which is at the Society Office.


FELLOWS.  The award consists of a plaque and recognition at the Society’s annual meeting.   


BRUCE R. KOWALSKI AWARD IN CHEMOMETRICS. The  selection  committee  shall  consist  of at least three   (3) members, one member designated by the Kowalski Award Committee, and two members invited by this designee, with representative founder-of-chemometrics and family approvals, as specified in the September, 2014 Bruce R. Kowalski Award in Chemometrics Agreement. This committee will also work with the Society’s Office and Web Editor to solicit sustaining donations.  The award is intended to cover travel and meeting costs for the awardee to present his or her research in either oral or poster format at an appropriate session at SAS's National meeting, the annual SciX Conference.