Spectroscopists' Calendar

Rachel Masyuko, Editor


Spectroscopists’ Calendar is a regular feature in Applied Spectroscopy. Your cooperation in submitting timely information for the column is appreciated. For publication in one issue of Applied Spectroscopy, send information no less than four months in advance of the actual event. Please send announcements of meetings and symposia of interest to spectroscopists to Rachel Masyuko, via email: rachel.masyuko@adm.com. Announcements of short courses, schools, workshops or other educational activities should be sent to the SAS office at sasadmin@s-a-s.org for inclusion online, and in the journal and newsletter.




March 2019


Biophysical Society 63rd Annual Meeting, 2–6 March 2019, Baltimore, Maryland. http://www.biophysics.org/annual-meeting#/


International Forum on Process Analytical Chemistry (IFPAC) Annual Meeting, 3-6 March 2019, Bethesda, Maryland. http://www.ifpacglobal.org/


Practical Applications of NMR in Industry Conference, 3–7 March 2019, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina https://www.panicnmr.com/


American Physical Society March Meeting, 4–8 March 2019, Boston, Massachusetts https://www.aps.org/meetings/march/index.cfm


ARABLAB 2019, 12–14 March 2019, Dubai https://www.arablab.com/


The Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy (PITTCON 2019), 17–21 March 2019, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. https://pittcon.org/


Gordon Research Conference on Oxidative Stress and Disease: Redox Biology and Disease: From Integrated Omics to Interventions, 17–22 March 2019, Ventura, California https://www.grc.org/oxidative-stress-and-disease-conference/2019/default.aspx


16th International Conference on Particle Induced X-ray Emission (PIXE 2019), 24-29 March 2019, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal https://i.pixe2019.org/event/1/


World of Spectroscopy Congress (WSC 2019), 24 – 27 March 2019, Stockholm, Sweden. https://www.physics.worldcongressseries.com/wsc19/


International Plant Spectroscopy Conference (IPSC), 24 – 28 March 2019, Berlin, Germany. https://ipsc-2019.julius-kuehn.de/


Global Congress and Expo on Advancement of Laser, Optics and Photonics, 25–27 March, 2019, Valencia, Spain http://laseroptics.linkinscience.com/


19th Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy, 26–27 March 2019, Shzuoka, Japan. http://regulus.mtrl1.info.hiroshima-cu.ac.jp/~molspec/e-index.html


New York Society for Applied Spectroscopy Section March 2019 Meeting, Speaker- John P. Jasper, Ph.D: An Overview of Intellectual Property Protection of Biopharmaceutical Compounds via Natural-Abundance Stable Isotopes, 27 March 2019, Piscataway, New Jersey. www.nysas.org



17th China International Scientific Instrument and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition (CISILE 2019), 27–29 March 2019, Beijing, China http://en.cisile.com.cn/


257th National Meeting and Exposition–American Chemical Society, 31 March–4 April 2019, Orlando, Florida. https://www.acs.org/content/acs/en/meetings.html



April 2019


Analytica Vietnam 2019, 3-5 April 2019, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam https://www.analyticavietnam.com/en/


52nd Annual International Meeting, ESR Spectroscopy Group of The Royal Society of Chemistry, 7–11 April 2019 Glasgow, United Kingdom http://www.esr-group.org/conferences/2019-conference-glasgow/


60th Experimental Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Conference, 7–12 April 2018, Asilomar Conference Center, Pacific Grove, California https://www.enc-conference.org/default.aspx


Faraday Discussion – Advances in Ion Spectroscopy – From Astrophysics to Biology, 8 – 10 April 2019, York, United Kingdom. http://www.rsc.org//events/detail/24724/advances-in-ion-spectroscopy-from-astrophysics-to-biology-faraday-discussion


Faraday Discussion - Ultrafast Photoinduced energy and Charge Transfer, 8 – 10 April 2019, Ventura California. http://www.rsc.org/events/detail/29702/ultrafast-photoinduced-energy-and-charge-transfer-faraday-discussion


BIT’s Conference of AnalytiX – 2019: Exploring Innovative Advances and Applications, 12-14 April 2019, Singapore http://www.bitcongress.com/analytix2019/default.asp


American Physical Society April Meeting, 13–16 April 2019, Denver, Colorado https://www.aps.org/meetings/april/index.cfm


Materials Research Society Spring Meeting, 22–26 April 2019, Phoenix, Arizona https://www.mrs.org/spring2019


Optics and Photonics International Congress (OPIC 2019), 22–26 April 2019, Yokohama, Japan. https://10times.com/opic


Analitika Expo 2019, 23-26 April 2019, Moscow, Russia. http://www.ite-exhibitions.com/events/analitika-expo


12th IFAC Symposium on Dynamics and Control of Process Systems, including Biosystems (DYCOPS 2019), 23-26 April 2019, Florianópolis - SC, Brazil. http://dycopscab2019.sites.ufsc.br/


2nd International Conference on Optics, Photonics and Lasers (OPAL' 2019), 24-26 April 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands. http://opal-conference.com/


Advances in Process Analytics and Control Technologies 2019 Conference (APACT 19), 30 April–2 May 2019 Chester, United Kingdom https://apact.co.uk/


May 2019


14th Annual Eigenvector University, 5–10 May 2019, Seattle, Washington. http://www.eigenvector.com/courses/EigenU.html


Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO), 5–10 May 2019, San Jose, California. http://www.cleoconference.org


Center for Process Analysis and Control (CPAC) Spring Meeting, 6 -7 May 2019, Seattle, Washington. http://www.apl.washington.edu/project/project.php?id=cpac


TECHNART 2019, 7-10 May 2019, Bruges, Belgium https://www.uantwerpen.be/en/conferences/technart-2019/


6th International Symposium on Microscopy and Spectroscopy (INTERM 2019), 12–18 May 2019, Oludeniz, Turkey. http://www.intermcongress.org/


16th European Workshop on Modern Developments and Applications in Microbeam Analysis (EMAS 2019), 19-23 May 2019, Trondheim, Norway.  https://www.microbeamanalysis.eu/

International Symposium on Olfaction and Electronic Noses (ISOEN 2019), 26-29 May 2019, Fukuoka, Japan. https://isoen2019.org/


European Materials Research Society (E-MRS) Spring Meeting, 27-31 May 2019, Nice, France. https://www.european-mrs.com/meetings/2019-spring-meeting



June 2019


67th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics, 2–6 June 2019, Atlanta, Georgia. http://www.asms.org


Bio International Convention, 3–6 June 2019, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania http://convention.bio.org/


Photonex Glasgow 2019, 5 June 2019, Glasgow, United Kingdom. https://www.evensi.uk/photonex-glasgow-2019-technology-innovation-centre-university-strathclyde/285274218


Colloquium Spectroscopicum Internationale XLI, 9 – 14 June 2019, Mexico City, Mexico, http://www.csi2019mexico.com/


24th International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry (ISPC24), 9 – 14 June 2019, Naples, Italy. https://www.ispc24.com/


10th Colloquium Chemiometricum Mediterraneum, 12 – 14 June 2019, Menorca, Spain. http://www.chemiometricum2019.org/index.php?idpagina=1&idioma=cas


Spectroscopies in Novel Superconductors (SNS 2019), 16 – 21 June 2019, Tokyo, Japan. http://sns2019.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/index.xhtml



16th Scandinavian Symposium on Chemometrics (SSC16), 17-20 June 2019, Oslo, Norway. https://ssc16.org/


74th International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy, 17–21 June 2019, Champaign-Urbana, Illinois http://isms.illinois.edu/


29th International Conference on Photochemistry, 21 – 26 June 2019, Colorado, Boulder. https://www.colorado.edu/conference/icp2019/


2019 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics/Europe – European Quantum Electronics Conference (CLEO®/Europe-EQEC 2019), 23 – 27 June 2019, Munich, Germany. http://www.cleoeurope.org/


World of Photonics Congress, 23–27 June 2019, Munich, Germany https://10times.com/europe-optical-metrology


EOS Optical Technologies at the World of Photonics Congress, 24–27 June 2019, Munich, Germany http://www.myeos.org/events/wpc2019


63rd International Conference of Analytical Sciences and Spectroscopy (ICASS), 25-28 June 2019, Montreal, Canada. http://csass.org/ICASS.html



July 2019


10th International Conference on Advanced Vibrational Spectroscopy (ICAVS-10), 7–12 July 2019, Auckland City, Australia http://www.icavs.org/2019-conference/


19th International Conference on Photoacoustic and Photothermal Phenomena (ICPPP19), 7 -12 July 2019, Moscow, Russia. http://icppp20.ru/index.php/en/


The International Conference on Laser Spectroscopy (ICOLS 2019), 8-12 July 2019, Queenstown, New Zealand. https://icols2019.nz/


Gordon Research Conference on Photochemistry: Molecules and Materials for Photochemical Energy Conversion and Imaging, 13 – 14 July 2019, Easton, Massachusetts. https://www.grc.org/photochemistry-grs-conference/2019/


Chirality 2019, 14–17 July 2019, Bordeaux, France https://chirality2019.sciencesconf.org/


Center for Process Analysis and Control (CPAC) Summer Institute, 23 -25 July 2019, Seattle, Washington. http://www.apl.washington.edu/project/project.php?id=cpac



August 2019


4th International Turkish Congress on Molecular Spectroscopy (TURCMOS2019), 4 – 9 August 2019, Aydin, Turkey. https://turcmos.com/


21st International Society of Magnetic Resonance Conference (ISMAR 2019), 25 – 30 August 2019, Berlin, Germany. https://www.weizmann.ac.il/ISMAR/



September 2019


10th Euro-Mediterranean Symposium on Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy, 8-13 September 2019, Brno, Czech Republic http://emslibs.com/


Time Resolved Vibrational Spectroscopy Conference) TVRS 2019), 8-13 September 2019, Auckland, New Zealand. http://trvs2019.com/


20th European Symposium on Polymer Spectroscopy (ESOPS 20), 11 – 14 September 2019, Dresden, Germany. http://www.ipfdd.de/en/events/conferences-and-workshops/20th-european-symposium-on-polymer-spectroscopy-esops/


NIR 2019 – The 19th biennial meeting of the International Council for NIR Spectroscopy (ICNIRS), 15-20 September 2019, Queensland, Australia http://nir2019.com/


35th International Symposium on Free Radicals, 15 – 20 September 2019, Hangzhou, China. http://www.isfr35.com


EOS Topical Meeting on Diffractive Optics 2019, 16 – 20 September 2019, Jena, Germany.  https://www.europeanoptics.org/events/eos/do2019.html


Colloquium Analytical Atomic Spectroscopy (CANAS 2019), 23-26 September 2019, Freiberg, Germany. http://www.canas.eu/



October 2019


Photonex Europe Live, 9-10 October 2019, Coventry, United Kingdom. https://photonex.org/photonex/19/index.php


The Enlighten Conference 2019, 9-10 October 2019, Coventry, United Kingdom. https://photonex.org/


Vacuum Expo 2019, 9-10 October 2019, Coventry United Kingdom. https://www.vacuum-expo.com/


2019 SciX Conference (formerly FACSS): Annual National Meeting of the Society for Applied Spectroscopy (SAS)/The 45th Annual North American Meeting of the Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies, 13–18 October 2019, Palm Springs, California. www.scixconference.org or www.facss.org


November 2019


EOS Topical Meeting on Integrated Optics (IntOp), 26 – 28 November 2019, Joensuu, Finland. https://www.europeanoptics.org/events/eos/intop.html





January 2020


Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry, 12–18 January 2020, Tucson, Arizona. http://icpinformation.org/



March 2020


Analytica 2020–27th International Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology, Analysis, Biotechnology and analytica Conference, 31 March–3 April 2020, Messe Munchen, Germany https://www.analytica.de/



May 2020


Multivariate Analysis and Chemometry: measurements, diagnostics, statistics in Environment and Cultural Heritage fields (CMAR4CH 2020), 24–26 May 2020, Rome, Italy http://www.cma4ch.org/index2.html



August 2020


14th Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics Pacific Rim (CLEO-PR 2020), 2-6 August 2020, Sydney, Australia. https://www.cleopr2020.org/