Start Your Own Student Section

Do you want to be involved in the Society for Applied Spectroscopy with your fellow students.  Then we have the perfect opportunity for you.  Start your own SAS Student Section at your university or college. Your Student Section can act independently and or in collaboration with a  Regional Section in your area.  SAS will have start up money for each new sectioni that is formed.
What does it take to become a Student Chapter?  First, are students!  Eight or more students will be needed to form a Student Chapter.  Second, a letter of intent of your desire to form a Student Chapter must be submitted.  Third, a faculty advisor that is a member of SAS is required.  Finally, a constitution or some method of governance to organize the section is needed.  Submit all requests to the SAS Office.

That’s it!! It couldn’t be easier and soon you can start having great events for your student membership.  Here is a sample Letter of Intent, Letter of Support, and Constitution.