Previous Awards


Honorary Members

Honorary members are those individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the art and science of spectroscopy in scientific or laboratory research, development of new or innovative instrumentation or equipment, or development of aids, standards, etc., that help spectroscopists practice their craft in a more efficient and accurate manner. They are awarded a lifetime membership and subscription to Applied Spectroscopy.



S. Michael Angel

Sandy Asher

Arnold O. Beckman* Freeman Bentley* John Bertie

LaVerne S. Birks* Robert R. Brattain* Frederick Brech*

I. D'Arcy Brent II* William R. Brode*

H. Howard Cary* John Chalmers

D. Bruce. Chase Forrest F. Cleveland* William W. Coblentz* Norman B. Colthup*

Bryce L. Crawford, Jr.* John A. Dean*

M. Bonner Denton Rina K. Dukor Velmer A. Fassel* William G. Fateley* John R. Ferraro*

Jeanette Graselli-Brown Peter R. Griffiths Herbert S. Gutowsky* Joel Harris

George R. Harrison* Roland C. Hawes* Gerhard. Herzberg* Gary M. Hieftje Tomas Hirschfeld* Edwin S. Hodge* John F. Jackovitz* Richard Jarrell* Edwin K. Jaycox* William I. Kaye* Wolfgang Kiefer Gordon F. Kirkbright* Jack L. Koenig

S. Roy Koirtyohann Jaan. Laane

Ira W. Levin


Emeritus Members


Herman A. Liebhafsky* Richard C. Lord, Jr.* Alan G. Marshall William F. Meggers* Melvin G. Mellon* Robert E. Michaelis* Foil A. Miller*

Terry Miller Larry. Nafie Kazuo Nakamoto* Henry H. Nielsen* Alfred O. Nier* Isao Noda

Karl Norris

Richard A. Nyquist* Nicolo Omenetto Yukihiro Ozaki Richard Palmer

Earl K. Plyler* William J. Poehlman* Theodor C. Rains* Geraldine Richmond Harry Rose*

Anton Savitsky* Alexander Scheeline Borden F. Scribner* Heinz W. Siesler Charlotte M. Sitterly* Walter Slavin

Frank H. Spedding* Lester W. Strock* MitsuoTasumi Richard Van Duyne* Isiah Warner

G. Vernon Wheeler* Charles L. Wilkins

E. Bright Wilson* James D. Winefordner Ray Woodriff* Norman Wright*



Members who have contributed to spectroscopy and have been members of the Society for Applied Spectroscopy for 15 years, and now have retired from active scientific endeavor.



Glen F. Bailey* Stephen Bialkowski

H.J. Bollingberg


S. Crouch* William Dennen Anne R. Donnell*


Edward C. Dunlop Rudolph Dyck* Janus Y. Ellenburg John E. Forrette Donald M. Frankel Jacob Fuchs

E.L. Grove* Bruce E. Hofmann David Hercules Ruth A. Kaselis

C.T. Kenner William E. Koerner

S. Roy Koirtyohann Bruce M.  LaRue Ira Levin


Marvin Margoshes* Howard Mark Leopold May* Robert McDonald Rudd A. Meikeljohn Paul A. Munter

A.T. Myers Samuel Natelson Deibert A. Naumer Delores J. Phillips

Theodore C. Rains* David W. Steinhaus*





Distinguished Service Award

This award was established to recognize members for continued outstanding service to the Society.



1981 Edwin S. Hodge* 1982 James J. Devlin, S.J.*

1983 Jeanette G. Grasselli-Brown 1984 Alvin Bober

1985 Andrew Rekus* 1986 John R. Ferraro

G. Vernon Wheeler* 1987 Willam G. Fateley*

C.L. Grant 1988 Abram Davis*

I. D'Arcy Brent II* 1989 James E. Paterson* 1990 O. Karmie Galle* 1991 John A. Dean

1992 Genevieve M. Bonini* James R. Lindsay*

1993 No Award Given 1994 F. Monte Evens*

Wilbur Kaye* 1995 Jack E. Katon* 1996 No Award Given

1997 Constance Butler Sobel 1998 Marvin Margoshes

1999 Michael Epstein Truman Waugh

2000 James A. Holcombe Wolfgang Kiefer

2001 John Jackovitz* Nancy J. Miller-Ihli


2002 Douglas L. Shrader 2003 David Coleman

Patricia Coleman 2004 Kathryn Kalasinsky 2005 Rina K. Dulor

2006 Joseph Caruso* 2007 Laurance A. Nafie 2008 Peter Griffiths

Deborah Bradshaw 2009 Paul Farnsworth

Joel Harris 2010 Alex Scheeline

2011 Michael Carrabba

2012 David Butcher

2013 Bruce Chase

2014 Curt Marcott

2015 Gloria Story 2016 James de Haseth

2017 Geoffrey Coleman Brian Perry

2018 Ian Lewis

Diane Parry 2019 Michael Blades

Deborah Peru 2020 Mary Kate Donais          Paul N. Bourassa*

2021 No Award Given 2022 Howard Mark

2023 Robert Lascola






























William J. Poehlman Award

Named in honor of the first president of the Society and one of its founders, this award is granted annually to the Regional Section whose activities are judged as most outstanding.


1975 Virginia-Carolina

1976 New England 1977 No Award Given 1978 Rocky Mountain

1979 Chicago

1980 Baltimore-Washington

1981 New England

1982 Cincinnati

1983 Milwaukee

1984 Baltimore-Washington

1985 Pittsburgh

1986 Baltimore-Washington

1987 Cincinnati

1988 Ohio Valley 1989 No Award Given

1990 Southern California

1991 Chicago

1992 Houston

1993 Chicago

1994 Chicago

1995 Chicago

1996 Chicago

1997 Chicago

1998 Chicago

1999 Cincinnati

2000 New York

2001 Chicago

2002 New England

2003 Cleveland

2004 Cleveland

2005 Cleveland

2006 Cleveland

2007 New York

2008 Cleveland

2009 Cleveland 2010 New York & New England 2011 Cleveland

2012 Cleveland

2012 New York

2013 New York

2014 Pittsburgh

2015 New York

2016 Cleveland

2017 Cleveland

2018 Cleveland

2019 New York

2020 University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez

2021 No Award Given

2022 Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh

2023 New York Capital Region


Journal Award/William F. Meggers Award

Since 1960, a single article has been selected each year from the Journal for citation as the most outstanding. This award was initiated through courtesy of SPEX Industries, Inc. The award included a cash honorarium. In 1968, the name of the Journal Award was changed in order to commemorate the outstanding spectroscopist William F. Meggers.  In 1978, the sponsorship of the Meggers Award was transferred from SPEX Industries to the Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh. In 1991, the award was turned over to the Leco Corporation. The following are the recipients of these awards. Note that the year listed references the year the paper appeared in the journal and not the year the award was given.


1960 W.K. Baer and E.S. Hodge for "The Spectrochemical Analysis of Solutions: A Comparison of Five Techniques."

1961 T. Lee for "The Spectrographic Determination of Uranium 235."

1962 L.R. Pitwell for "Equations for Working Curves in Emission Spectroscopy."

1963 L.R. Leipziger for "Some New Upper Limits of Isotopic Abundance by Mass Spectrometry." 1964 W.G. Schrenk and R.W. Johnson for "Mechanisms of Interactions of Alkali and Alkaline Earth

Elements in Flame Photometry."

1965 J.B. Irenopvich, A.G. MacDearmid, and E.R. Nixon for "Infrared and Raman Spectra of Some Pentamethyldisilanyl Compounds."

1966 B.J. Mitchell and N.F. Hooper for "Digital Computer Calculations and Correction of Matrix Effect in X-Ray Spectroscopy."

1967 Michael L. Parsons and James D. Winefordner for "Optimization of the Critical Instrumental Parameters for Achieving Maximum Sensitivity and Precision in Flame Spectrometric Methods of Analysis."

1968 Harry J. Rose and Frank Cuttitta for "X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis of Individual Rare Earths and Complex Minerals."

1969 J.P. Walters for "Historical Advances in Spark Emission Spectroscopy."

1970 C.D. Allemand for "Depolarization Ratio Measurement in Raman Spectrometry." 1971 C.R. Brundle for "Some Recent Advances in Photoelectron Spectroscopy."

1972 M.S. Wang for "Impurity Determination in Group III-V Compounds."

1973 V.F. Hanson for "Quantitative Elemental Analysis of Art Objects by Energy-Dispersion X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy."

1974 John R. Ferraro and Louis J. Basile for "Spectroscopy at High Pressures: Status Report and Update of Instrumental Techniques."

1975 M.L. Parsons, R.J. Lovett, and D.L. Welch for "On the Importance of Spectral Interferences in Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy."

1976 Bernard Keisch and Robert C. Callahan for "Sulfur Isotope Ratio in Ultramarine Blue: Application to Art Forgery Detection."

1977 Thomas Hirschfeld for a series of brief, but original and illuminating, papers.

1978 C.A. Van Dijk, C. Th. J. Alkemade, and P.J. Zeegers for "Pulsed Laser Mode Competition with a Na-Colored Intracavity Flame."

1979 John P. Walters and Alexander Scheeline for "Investigation of Bipolar Oscillatory Spark Discharge." 1980 John C. Wright for "Double Resonance Excitation in the Condensed Phase: An Alternative to Infrared, Raman, and Fluorescence Spectroscopy."

1981 C. Th. J. Alkemade for "Single-Atom Detection."

1982 G. Mamantov, A.A. Garrison, and E.L. Wehry for "Analytical Applications of Matrix Isolation Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy."

1983 S. B. Smith and G.M. Hieftje for "A New Background Correction Method for Atomic Absorption Spectrometry."

1984 N. Sheppard and J. Erkelens for "Vibrational Spectra Absorbed on Surfaces: Forms of Vibrations and Selection Rules for Regular Arrays of Absorbed Species."

1985 E.A. Stubley and G. Horlick for "A Windowed Slew-scanning Fourier Transform Spectrometer for Inductively Coupled Plasma Emission Spectrometry."

1986 T. Hirschfield and B. Chase for "FT-Raman Spectroscopy: Development and Justification."

1987 David C. Tilotta, Robert D. Freeman, and William G. Fateley for "Hadamard Transform Visible Raman Spectrometry."

1988 David Lubman, Ho Ming Pang, and Chung Hang Sin for "Pulsed High-Pressure Liquid Injection of


Biological Molecules into Supersonic Beam/Mass Spectrometry with Resonant Two-Photon Ionization Detection."

1989 Marek Urban for "A Novel Approach to Photoacoustic FT-IR Spectroscopy: Rheo-Photoacoustic Measurements."

1990 Isao Noda for "Two-Dimensional Infrared (2D IR) Spectroscopy: Theory and Applications."

1991 Alexander Scheeline, Cheryl A. Bye, Duane L. Miller, Steven W. Rynders, and R. Calvin Owen, Jr. for "Design and Characterization of an Echelle Spectrometer for Fundamental and Applied Emission Spectrochemical Analysis."

1992 P.J. Treado, I.W. Levin, and E.N. Lewis for "Near-Infrared Acousto-optic Filtered Spectroscopic Microscopy: A Solid-State Approach to Chemical Imaging."

1993 J. Lin and C.W. Brown for "Universal Approach for Determination of Physical and Chemical Properties of Water by Near-IR Spectroscopy."

1994 Patrick J. Treado, Ira W. Levin, and E. Neil Lewis for "Indium Antimonide (InSb) Focal Plane Array (FPA) Detection for Near-Infrared Imaging Microscopy."

1995 Steven E. Hobbs and Gary M. Hieftje for "Scintillator-Based Nanosecond Light Sources for Time-Resolved Fluorimetry."

1996 T. Rick Fletcher, Matt Rekow, Dwayne Rogge and David Sammeth for "Vaporization of Nonvolatile and Matrix-Isolated Molecules Using a Novel Laser Vaporization Technique."

1997 Michel Pézolet and Anne Nabet for "Two-Dimensional FT-IR Spectroscopy: A Powerful Method to Study the Secondary Structure of Proteins Using H-D Exchange."

1998 Katrin Kneipp for "Single-Molecule Detection of a Cyanine Dye in Silver Colloidal Solution Using Near- Infrared Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering."

1999 Jack L. Koenig, Rohit Bhargava, and Travis Ribar for"Towards Faster FT-IR Imaging by Reducing Noise." 2000 Laurence A. Nafie for "Dual Polarization Modulation: A Real-Time, Spectral-Multiplex Separation of Circular         Dichroism from Linear Birefringence Spectral Intensities"

2001 Neil Everall, Thomas Hahn, Pavel Matousek, Anthony W. Parker, and Michael Towrie for APicosecond Time- Resolved Raman Spectroscopy of Solids: Capabilities and Limitations for Fluorescence Rejection and the Influence of the Diffuse Reflectance.

2002 Ira Levin, Scott Huffman, and Rohit Bhargava for AGeneralized Implementation of Rapid-Scan Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopic Imaging.

2003 Boris Mizaikoff, Marcus Janotta, and Abraham Katzir for ASol-Gel-Coated Mid-Infrared Fiber-Optic Sensors.

2004 Hiro-O Hamaguchi and Hirotsugo Hiramatsu for ADevelopment of Infrared Electroabsorption Spectroscopy and Its Application to Molecular Structural Studies.

2005 Pavel Matousek, Ian Clark, Edward Draper, Michael Morris, Allen Goodship, Neil Everall,

Mike Towrie, William Finney, and Anthony Parker for ASubsurface Probing in Diffusely Scattering Media Using Spatially Offset Raman Spectroscopy.

2006 Ryan D. Pensack, Bozena B. Michniak, David J. Moore, and Richard Mendelsohn for AInfrared Kinetic/ Structural Studies of Barrier Reformation in Intact Stratum Corneum Following Thermal Perturbation.

2007 Taka-Aki Ishibashi and Toshiki Maeda AInfrared Kinetic/Structural Studies of Barrier Reformation in Intact Stratum Corneum Following Thermal Perturbation

2008 Christian Pellerin, Robert Prud=homme, Yongri Liang, and Damien Mauran for "A New Method for the Time-Resolved Analysis of Structure and Orientation: Polarization Modulation Infrared Structural Absorbance Spectroscopy

2009 Patrick Cutler, Paul Gemperline, David Haaland, and Erik Andries for "Methods for Kinetic Modeling of Temporally Resolved Hyperspectral Confocal Fluorescence Images


Patrick Cutler, Paul Gemperline, and David Haaland for ASystematic Method for the Kinetic Modeling of Temporally Resolved Hyperspectral Microscope Images of Fluorescently Labeled

2010 Kent A. Meyer, Kin C. Ng, Zhanjun Gu, ZhengweiI Pan, Robert Shaw, and William B. Whitten for "Combined pertureless Near-Field Optical Second-Harmonic Generation/Atomic Force Microscopy Imaging and Nanoscale Limit of Detection

2011 S. Michael Angel, Nathaniel R. Gomer, Christopher M. Gordon, Paul Lucey, Shiv K. Sharma, and J. Chance Carter for ARaman Spectroscopy Using a Spatial Heterodyne Spectrometer: Proof of Concept

2012 Paul Pudney, Eleanor Bonnist, Peter Caspers, Jean-Philippe Gorce, Chris Marriot, Gerwin Puppels, Scott


Singleton, and Martin van der Wolf for AA New in Vivo Raman Probe for Enhanced Applicability to the Body

2013 Rohit Bhargava, Rohith Reddy, Michael Walsh, Matthew Schulmerich, and P. Scott Carney for

AHigh-Definition Spectroscopic Imaging

2014 Eric Brauns for "Mid-Infrared Diffuse Reflection on Ultrafast Time Scales"

2015 J.A. Calladine, R. Horvath, A.J. Davies, A. Wriglesworth, X.-Z. Sun, M.W. George. AProbing Organometallic Reactions by Time-Resolved Infrared Spectroscopy in Solution and in the Solid State Using Quantum Cascade Lasers

2016 Naoto Nagai, Yuta Kijima, and Makoto Okawara for “Infrared Response of Sub-Micron-Scale Structures of Polyoxymethylene: Surface Polaritons in Polymers Applied Spectroscopy”

2017 S. M. Angel, P.D. Barnett, N. Lamsal, K. C. Paul, and K. A. Strange for five related papers on the topic of

spatial Heterodyne Spectroscopy applied for Raman and Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy. These include

P.D. Barnett, N. Lamsal, and S. M. Angel, “Standoff Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) Using a Miniature Wide Field of View Spatial Heterodyne Spectrometer with Sub-Microsteradian Collection Optics” and

P.D. Barnett and S. M. Angel, “Miniature Spatial Heterodyne Raman Spectrometer with a Cell Phone Camera Detector” and K. A. Strange, K. C. Paul, and S. M. Angel, “Transmission Raman Measurements Using a Spatial Heterodyne Raman Spectrometer (SHRS)” and P.D. Barnett, K. A. Strange, and S. M. Angel, “Improving Spectral Results Using Row-by-Row Fourier Transform of Spatial Heterodyne Raman Spectrometer Interferogram” and N. Lamsal and S. M. Angel, “Performance Assessment of a Plate Beam Splitter for Deep-Ultraviolet Raman Measurements with a Spatial Heterodyne Raman Spectrometer”

2018 Timothy J. Johnson, Tanya L. Myers, Russell G. Tonkyn, Tyler O. Danby, Matthew S. Taubman, Bruce E. Bernacki, Jerome C. Birnbaum, Steven W. Sharpe for "Accurate Measurement of the Optical Constants n and k for a Series of 57 Inorganic and Organic Liquids for Optical Modeling and Detection”

2019 Pavel Matousek, Kay Sowoidnich, Michael Towrie, Martin Maiwald, and Bernd Sumpf for “Shifted Excitation Raman Difference Spectroscopy with Charge-Shifting Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) Lock-In Detection”

2020 Vartkess Ara Apkarian, Joonhee Lee, Nicholas Tallarida, and Laura Rios for “The Raman Spectrum of a Single Molecule on an Electrochemically Etched Silver Tip”

2021 Robin F. B. Turner, James M. PiretH. Georg Schultze, Shreyas Rangan, Martha Vardaki, Timothy Kieffer, Michael Blades, and Diepiriye Iworima for “Augmented Two-Dimensional Correlation Spectroscopy for the Joint Analysis of Correlated Changes in Spectroscopic and Disparate Sources “

2022 Johannes Pedarnig, Nikolaos Giannakaris, Anna Haider, Christoph M. Ahamer, Stefan Grünberger, and Stefan Trautne for “Femtosecond Single-Pulse and Orthogonal Double-Pulse Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS): Femtogram Mass Detection and Chemical Imaging with Micrometer Spatial Resolution”



Ellis R. Lippincott Award

The Ellis R. Lippincott Award is given annually to a worthy recipient in vibrational spectroscopy. The award is sponsored jointly by the Society for Applied Spectroscopy, the Coblentz Society, and the Optical Society of America. An engraved medal is presented to each year's award recipient.


1976 Richard Lord (SAS)

1977 Lionel J. Bellamy (Coblentz) 1978 Bryce L. Crawford (OSA) 1979 E. Bright Wilson (SAS)

1980 George C. Pimentel (Coblentz) 1981 Ian M. Mills (OSA)

1982 Michael Delhays (SAS) 1983 John Overend (Coblentz) 1984 Jon Hougen (OSA)

1985 Ira W. Levin (SAS)

1986 Wolfgang Kaiser (Coblentz) 1987 C. Bradley Moore (OSA) 1988 Andreas Albrecht (SAS) 1989 Marilyn Jacox (Coblentz) 1990 Robert W. Field (OSA) 1991 No Award Given

1992 Richard Saykally (SAS) 1993 John Rabolt (Coblentz) 1994 Herbert L. Strauss (OSA) 1995 Giocinto Scoles (SAS) 1996 Giuseppe Zerbi (Coblentz) 1997 Robin Hochstrasser (OSA) 1998 Takeshi Oka (SAS)

1999 Mitsuo Tasumi (Coblentz)


2000 Donald Levy (OSA) 2001 Lester Andrews (SAS)

2002 Sanford A. Asher (Coblentz) 2003 Shaul Mukamel (OSA)

2004 Richard A. Mathies (SAS) 2005 Jaan Laane (Coblentz) 2006 Hai-Lung Dai (OSA) 2007 Jonathan Tennyson (SAS)

2008 Richard Palmer Van Duyne (Coblentz) 2009 Michael D. Fayer (OSA)

2010 Martin Moskovits (SAS) 2011 Isao Noda (Coblentz) 2012 Keith Nelson (OSA)

2013 Xiaoliang Sunney Xie (SAS) 2014 Andrei Tokmakoff (Coblentz) 2015 Dana D. Dlott (OSA)

2016 Thomas Elsaesser (SAS) 2017 Roberto D. Merlin (Coblentz) 2018 Peter Hamm (OSA)

2019 Ji-Xin Cheng (SAS)

2020 Volker Deckert (Coblentz) 2021 Rohit Bhargava (OSA) 2022 Martin Zanni (SAS)

2023 Peter R. Griffiths Coblentz)


Barbara Stull Graduate Student Award

This award is presented annually to an outstanding student in the field of spectroscopy. It was renamed the McPherson Student Award in 1990 and the Graduate Student Award in 1993. In 2009, the award was renamed the Barbara Stull Graduate Student Award in posthumous honor of her longtime service to the Society office.


1977 Harvey S. Gold 1978 Gregory Johnson 1979 William J. Ray 1980 Katherine M. Stika 1981 Kevin J. Mulligan 1982 Robert Weinberger

1983 Thomas A. Anderson 1984 Stephen Scypinski

1985 Greg Verdine

1986 Shi-Kit Chan

1987 Bryant R. LaFreniere 1988 Jonathan V. Sweedler 1989 Willliam T. Weisler 1990 Robert Lingle, Jr.

1991 Eric Munson 1992 Cheryl A. Bye

1993 Christopher J. Frank 1994 Wade R. Thompson 1995 Whe-Yi Chiang

1996 Jeffery Kinzer

1997 Paul Edmiston 1998 Stone Donghui Shi 1999 Gary A. Baker

2000 Christopher D. Zangmeister 2001 Christine Hughey

2002 Jan Kubelka

2003 Dev Chidambaram

2004 Juris Meija

2005 Kaveh Jorabchi

2006 George Chan and Philipp Kukura 2007 Gary Dobbs

2008 Sean Burrows and Christina Young 2009 Larissa Fenn and Arindam Gangulyy 2010 Karolin Kroening and Olivier Bolduc 2011 Rui Liiu and Rohith Reddy

2012 Ruchira Chatterjee and Nathaniel Gomer 2013 Marie Richard-Lacroix and Andrew Schwartz 2014 Erin Boyle and Elise Dennis

2015 Jay Kitt

2016 Mustafa Unal

2017 David Bryce

2018 Felix Lussier and Marcie Wiggins 2018 Santosh Paidi and Saumya Tiwari 2020 Ewelina Mistek-Morabito

2021 Jeremy Schultz

2022 Alexis Weber

2023 Lamyaa M. Almehmadi and Thulya Chakkumpulakkal Puthan Veettil



Lester W. Strock Award

The Lester W. Strock Award is given by the New England Section in recognition of a selected publication of substantive research in/or application of analytical atomic spectrochemistry in the fields of earth science, life sciences, or stellar and cosmic sciences.


1980 John P. Walters 1981 David M. Hercules 1982 Charles Wilkins

1983 M. Barber, R.S. Bardoli, R. D. Sedgwick,

A.N. Tyler

1984 Gary M. Hieftje, Stanley B. Smith, Jr. 1985 C.R. Blakley, M.L. Vestal

1986 Robert S. Houk, Velmer A. Fassell, Gerald D. Flesch, Harry J. Svec, Alan L.

Gray, and Charles E. Taylor

1987 Richard Sacks, J.M. Goldberg, R.J. Collins,

S.Y. Suh

1988 Thomas C. O'Haver

1989 Gary Horlick, Martha A. Vaughn, S.H. Tan 1990 Edward S. Yeung

1991 M. Bonner Denton 1992 G. Hieftje

1993 Willard W. Harrison

1994 Richard F. Browner, Guangxuan Zhu 1995 Michael D. Morris

1996 Richard A. Keller 1997 Therese M. Cotton 1998 Sandford Asher


1999 D. Bruce Chase 2000 Max Diem

2001 John Olesik

2002 Julian Tyson

2003 Ramon Barnes

2004 James D. Winefordner 2005 Richard Russo

2006 Paul Farnsworth

2007 Detlef Güünther

2008 Annemie Bogaerts

2009 Nicolo Omenetto

2010 Kay Niemax

2011 David Hahn

2012 Ralph Sturgeon

2013 Richard Russo

2014 Stephen Ray

2015 R. Kenneth Marcus 2016 R. Arvidson

2017 Frank Vanhaeke

2018 Javier Laserna 2019 S. Michael Angel

2020 Heidi Goenaga-Infante

2021 Uwe Karst

2022 Igor Gornushkin

2023 Maria Montes-Bayón




This award is given to the author(s) of the outstanding LIBS paper appearing in Applied Spectroscopy. It is awarded at the Society for Applied Spectroscopy award ceremony held at the fall meeting following the calendar year of publication and shall consist of a plaque. This award is selected by a committee and no outside nominations are accepted.

2018 Patrick D. Barnett, Nirmal Lamsal, S. Michael Angel for “Standoff Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) Using a Miniature Wide Field of View Spatial Heterodyne Spectrometer with Sub-Microsteradian Collection Optics” Applied Spectroscopy, Vol. 71, 4

2019 Ammon Williams, Supathorn Phongikaroon for “Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) Measurement of Uranium in Molten Salt” Applied Spectroscopy, Vol. 72, 7

2020 Anupam K. Misra, Tayro E. Acosta-Maeda, John N. Porter, Genesis Berlanga, Dalton Muchow, Shiv K. Sharma, and Brian Chee for “A Two Components Approach for Long Range Remote Raman and Laser-Induced

Breakdown (LIBS) Spectroscopy Using Low Laser Pulse Energy” Applied Spectroscopy, Vol. 73, 3

2021 Daniel Diaz, Alejandro Molina, David W. Hahn for “Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy and Principal Component Analysis for the Classification of Spectra from Gold-Bearing Ores” Applied Spectroscopy, Vol 74, 1

2022 No Award Given

2023 Johannes Pedarnig, Nikolaos Giannakaris, Anna Haider, Christoph M. Ahamer, Stefan Grünberger, and Stefan Trautne for “Femtosecond Single-Pulse and Orthogonal Double-Pulse Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS): Femtogram Mass Detection and Chemical Imaging with Micrometer Spatial Resolution”



SAS Atomic Technical Section Atomic Student Award

This award will be given to up to 4 students (undergraduate or graduate) who are SAS members and who have excelled in the area of Atomic Spectroscopy.

2019 Carlos Abad, Joseph Lesniewski, Htoo Paing, Ingo Strenge 2020 Asaf Harel, Marcel Macke, Anika Retzmann, Kelsey Williams 2021 Sabrina Funke, Stefan Wagner, Sarah Meyer, Kevin Finch

2022 Ana Lores Padin, Marcus von der Au, Emily Kwapis, Paula Garcia Cancela

2023 Cristina Mendez-Lopez, Dariya Tukhmetova, Madeleine Lomax-Vogt, Catharina Erbacher


Fellows Award

This award is established to recognize individual members for their outstanding service to the field of spectroscopy. Fellows must continue to be members in good standing of the Society in order to maintain Fellow status. All Honorary Members of the Society shall be granted Fellowship automatically.


Fran Adar Michael Angel Mark A. Arnold Ricardo Aroca Sanford A. Asher Colin Bain Katherine Bakeev Matthew Baker Ramon M. Barnes

Franklin E. (Woody) Barton John E. Bertie

Rohit Bhargava Michael W. Blades Paul Bohn

Karl Booksh

Paul N. Bourassa*

Deborah K. Bradshaw

Frank V. Bright

Jose A. Broekaert David J. Butcher Mike Carrabba

J. Chance Carter Joe Caruso*

John M. Chalmers

D. Bruce Chase

Bryce L. Crawford, Jr.* David Cremers

Richard Crocombe Stanley

R. Crouch*

Mustafa Culha

James A. de Haseth Volker Deckert

M. Bonner Denton Max Diem Richard Dluhy Mary Kate Donais Rina Dukor

Cecil R. Dybowski Neil J. Everall Paul Farnsworth Karen Faulds

John R. Ferraro* Joseph Gardella Robin L. Garrell


Michael W. George Roy Goodacre Kathleen M. Gough Duncan Graham

Jeanette G. Grasselli-Brown Peter R. Griffiths

Detlef Günther David Haaland David Hahn Peter Harrington Joel M. Harris

Takeshi Hasegawa

D. Christian Hassell David M. Hercules Gary M. Hieftje James A. Holcombe Robert S. Houk Christian Huck John Jackovitz* Young Mee Jung Kathy Kalasinsky John Kalivas

Sergei Kazarian Tim Keiderling Linda KidderYarlott Wolfgang Kiefer Jack L. Koenig

S. Roy Koirtyohann

J. Laane Barry Lavine Igor Lednev

Bernhard Lendl Ira W. Levin

E. Neil Lewis Ian R. Lewis Fred E. Lytle Curtis Marcott

R. Kenneth Marcus Marvin Margoshes* Alan G. Marshall

Pavel Matousek Linda McGown David McCurdy


Foil Miller* Terry Miller

Nancy J. Miller-Ihli Ellen Miseo

Boris Mizaikoff Michael D. Morris Oliver Mullins

Michael (Micky) Myrick Laurence A. Nafie

Kay Niemax Isao Noda Karl Norris

John W. Olesik Nicolo Omenetto Yukihiro Ozaki Richard Palmer Diane Parry Michael J. Pelletier Don Pivonka Jürgen Popp Paul Pudney John Rabolt Theodore C. Rains*

John Reffner Geraldine Richmond Richard E. Russo Jim Rydzak Alexander Scheeline David Schiering

Sebastian Schlücker

Shiv Sharma

Heinz Siesler Walter Slavin Steven Soper Nick Stone

Gloria Story

Mitsuo Tasumi Patrick Treado Richard Van Duyne* Frank Vanhaecke Isiah Warner Charles L. Wilkins James D. Winefordner

Bayden Wood

Lawrence Ziegler