Documentation Required for Application Process


New Certification




Application Process

Applications must be completed in their entirety and should include all information required on the appropriate form. Incomplete applications may be rejected or additional information may be requested of the applicant. Applications should be received by March 31st. All applications received between April 1st and April 30th will be charged/invoiced a Late Fee of $25. Applications without full payment will not be reviewed. Certification will be approved or denied in June unless the Certification Committee advises the applicant that additional time and information is needed for review. Applicants can expect to be notified of their status during the end of July of the year applied. If approved for certification (both new and renewed), you will receive an official certificate reflecting your level of certification and years your certification will be active. For more information on the certification process timeline, see the timeline below. After five (5) years, all certified spectroscopists will be asked to apply for recertification. Recertification at a higher level than previously certified requires the submission of a Certification Upgrade Application (rather than the Recertification Application).

Certification is valid for 5 years, but there is a one-year grace period for recertification, after which certification lapses before a new application must be filed. All Non-Member certifications include a one-year free membership in SAS.


Application Forms

Download the application form, email to


Application Fees


Member Rates

Non-Member Rates

Spectroscopist in Training



Associate Spectroscopist






Senior Spectroscopist



Streamlined (In order to qualify for the Streamlined process, you must be a current SAS member, hold a PhD, and have at least 10 years of post-degree work experience, in addition to meeting the other requirements for the Senior Spectroscopist level.)



Recertification (Associate/Spectroscopist/Senior/Streamlined)







Certification Process Timeline (may be adjusted as needed)

Certification Site Opens
Recertification Reminder: first broadcast email sent to current certified spectroscopists with certification expiring in the coming year.
Certification Information: broadcast email sent to all SAS members about our Certification Program.


Recertification Reminder: second broadcast email to current certified spectroscopists with certification expiring this year.



Primary Deadline: March 31st. Late Fee ($25) applied to all applications received after April 1st. All applications received between April 1st and April 30th should include the Late Fee in their payment. If payment was not included in the certification application the applicant will be invoiced by SAS.


Final Deadline for All Materials, May 15th. Payments or letters of recommendation received after this date may result in the application being held until next year’s review process.


SAS prepares applications for review.



In early June, the Certification Committee meets to review the applications. The Committee will determine if applications are accepted, rejected, or if additional information is required. Notification of Certification Status will be mailed.


The Certification Committee will finish the Final Review. Notification of Certification Status will be mailed. and questions regarding the results and/or appeal requests may be sent in response.


Appeals Procedure

A decision may be appealed in writing to the SAS Governing Board.


Disciplinary Procedure

The Certification Committee with approval of the SAS Governing Board, shall have the authority to censure a certification, to suspend certification for a stated period, or to revoke certification on the finding that an individual has willfully violated the Code of Ethics or misrepresented the facts at the time of certification. Such a finding may be reached by concluding that an allegation of improper deportment is true. Such an allegation may be presented to the Board in writing, by any member of the Society for Applied Spectroscopy. Anonymous allegations will not be entertained. Anyone named a party to such proceeding shall be informed in a timely manner of the evidence brought forward and be given an opportunity to respond to the allegations. The Committee will forward all material to the Governing Board. After review of the case by the Committee and the Board, the Committee will render a written decision informing the certified spectroscopist, the individual who initiated the allegation, and the Governing Board.