Spectroscopic Nomenclature

A comprehensive spectroscopic nomenclature featuring full explanations and examples is available as a PDF document.


The spectroscopic nomenclature used in all papers published in Applied Spectroscopy needs to comply with the conventions recommended by the International System of Units (SI) and the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC).


(1) Define acronyms and abbreviations on first use, followed by the acronym or abbreviation in parentheses.


(2) Please do not begin a paragraph with an acronym or abbreviation and avoid their use in headings where possible and practical.


(3) Provide names of manufacturers in parentheses for instruments, equipment, and materials. The city and country of manufacture is not necessary unless it is unusual or obscure.


(4) Latin terms (i.e., et al., in vivo, ca., e.g.) should not be italicized.


(5) Please check all equations carefully as it is journal style that conventions for publishing mathematics be followed. All Greek characters should appear in normal face (i.e., roman, not italic). All variables represented by a Latin letter should be in italics. All constants and designators (e.g., λmax) should be in normal (roman) face. Vectors should be lowercase bold and matrices should be uppercase bold (both in normal, roman face).